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Our products are innovative and effective –

HERMOS simply works!


We offer exactly the solutions you need.

Try out HERMOS for yourself!


Our solution, your advantage:

Automation will make you faster and more effective.


Quick, easy and close by.

Our people are just a touch away and always there for you.


MATRIX application framework

MATRIX is a modular, scalable application framework for the full spectrum of industrial automation. The individual modules are based on the Microsoft SQL Server database and a standardised, high-performance communications system. From this strong foundation it is possible to manage even complex distributed production procedures simply and efficiently.

MATRIX product description

  • The individual surface modules, which constitute a self-contained functionality, have a standardised but flexible interface to the MATRIX framework.
  • The entire application is designed as a .Net web application. It does not require installation, and can be started up and run on any computer within the network.
  • It is possible to integrate conventional SCADA systems such as WinCC or InTouch on client computers into the framework application.
  • Standard modules: Alarm and event management, trending, statistical process control (SPC), material tracking system (MTS) or recipe management
  • Individual customised modules, for instance for process data recording and evaluation purposes, or cross-equipment logistic and control loops.

MATRIX enables the creation of integrated solutions for industrial automation. Historical barriers between each separate level of the automation pyramid no longer exist.

The MATRIX concept

The integrated and cost-effective MATRIX automation solutions are based on a continuous infrastructure that is available anytime and anywhere and has the following features:

  • Modularity
    The MATRIX functionalities are strictly modular in structure (service oriented programming). Logic and surface of the MATRIX system are separate.

  • Communication
    The exchange of data between all parts of the MATRIX application is provided by the IPC server, a message-oriented communications system based on publish/subscribe technology.

  • Data storage
    The Microsoft SQL server is our database management system of choice. Any database access is effected by stored procedures (can be edited online).

  • User interfaces
    Modular and uniform MATRIX architecture and the use of smart client technology make it possible to use existing user interfaces (surfaces) within the entire network – or online if required.

MATRIX is based on a range of core components with clearly defined functionality. Each programme involved in the overall application can be run on any computer. This gives MATRIX an extremely scalable architecture.

The MATRIX application framework is set up in accordance with the service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach. The loose connection of the services via the message-based communications system makes it possible to easily implement complex, distributed applications independent of the underlying technical platforms.

The basic services of the MATRIX system require only the most elemental operating system functionalities and therefore ensure a long service life of the system, independent of updates and version changes to the operating system.

MATRIX standard services and applications

Standard Services






Material Tracking





DB Door


Tag Server



Scripting Modul





Standard Applications


Event Viewer

Event Editor

Event Statistics


Trend Viewer

Recipe Editor




Process Data

Report Viewer

SPC Viewer



The advantages of MATRIX

  • Economic efficiency
    Using a system infrastructure when creating an application results in lower purchasing costs of the system. Being largely independent of other software products guarantees a long life cycle of the MATRIX system.

  • Handling
    MATRIX ensures simple, robust and fast handling. Due to its efficient use of resources, MATRIX can also be used for very large quantity structures.

  • Scalability and flexibility
    The problem-oriented architecture ensures the easy implementation of complex, distributed applications. Due to its modular structure, MATRIX can be flexibly extended. The overall application is made available in the network, depending on the user or application. The individual components of the user interface can be arranged at the customer’s discretion. Views can be hidden, connected with others, separated and placed on top of each other, so that the desktop always appears neat and well-organised and the focus is on those visualisation elements which are most important to the user.
    The functions of the MATRIX system can be upgraded at any time. Using the extensive infrastructure, it is possible to create services and applications that are tailor-made to the requirements of each application.

  • Openness
    MATRIX’ openness ensures easy access to the data stored in the system. All data available in MATRIX can be exported to MS Excel and thus be made available to external applications for further processing.
    The data available in MATRIX is provided to ERP systems (e.g. SAP or DynamicsNAV). The external applications make use of this data and information for cost allocation and accounting, in production planning and control, order management, maintenance, strategic company planning, etc.

  • Independence
    The fact that MATRIX is independent of software systems of other manufacturers guarantees that the system will have a long operational life. There are no forced version changes as a result of operation system updates, and the software system places no limitations on the feasibility of requirements.


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