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Put your faith in German engineering.


Our employees are encouraged to think for themselves,

because bright ideas come from creative minds.

We offer exactly the solutions you need.

Try out HERMOS for yourself!

Quick, easy and close by.

Our people are just a touch away and always there for you.


Put your faith in German engineering.



Our employees are encouraged to think for themselves,

because bright ideas come from creative minds.


We offer exactly the solutions you need.

Try out HERMOS for yourself!


Quick, easy and close by.

Our people are just a touch away and always there for you.


buildings & Facilities

HERMOS develops and implements solutions for the sectors of building automation, building management systems (BMS), and room automation for buildings and properties. HERMOS provides everything from sensors and actuators from well-known manufacturers, automation stations (from Beckhoff, Saia, Siemens and Wago, etc.) to HERMOS’ own management and operation system level, FIS#.

Our primary focus lies on automation solutions for central systems of heating, ventilating and air conditioning of rooms in buildings. A trademark feature of the FIS#facility software platform is its ability to integrate any manufacturer into our technical systems, which ensures continuous building management and is used as the basis for industrial applications.


Overview of our Buildings & Facilities services:

  • Building automation
  • Building management systems (BMS)
  • Clean room automation
  • Tunnel safety lighting
  • Systems integration
  • Energy optimisation

The HERMOS solution: FIS#facility

The crucial advantage of FIS#facility is its ability to connect different building technology systems. FIS#facility brings together the building functions and systems of various manufacturers across properties on a neutral platform with a standardised user interface. FIS#facility solves this challenge with its comprehensive reservoir of communication protocols.

More about FIS#facility



As a manufacturer-neutral system vendor for building automation and technical facility management, HERMOS offers continuous solution concepts for room automation. The various room automation functions are integrated across building functions and coordinated with each other. The focus is on the individual requirements and needs of users as well as cost efficiency on the part of operators. Simple, intuitive operation is guaranteed, as well as flexibility and economic efficiency with the reorganisation of utilisation structures.


The objective of HERMOS’ needs-based solutions is to satisfy users and operators of rooms, buildings and properties. The solutions must create the best possible living and working conditions and at the same time guarantee economic efficiency. To operate and control room conditions, all the different building functions such as lighting, shade, windows, air and temperature are brought together into a universal system. The desired level of room conditioning can easily be set using various operating devices such as conventional and wireless switches, IP phones, PDAs, a website or Windows 7 gadgets.

HERMOS Room Automation Building Automation Building Management Systems 
HERMOS Room Automation Building Automation Building Management Systems

Furthermore, safety functions (fire, intrusion, video, etc.) can be added to the automation solutions. By integrating access control systems, rooms can be conditioned individually, depending on occupancy, to conserve energy.

Communication between the various building functions can be effected through different bus systems and communications protocols. Typical systems used for room automation are KNX, LON, BACnet, DALI and SMI.

All systems on a floor or defined section of a building (e.g. fire area) are consolidated in standardised system distribution boards. Flexible plug-in connections and their modular design enable these to be expanded as desired and allow for fast, simple assembly. Various different brands of automation systems can be used, such as Bernecker+Rainer, Beckhoff, SAIA, Siemens S7 and WAGO. A TCP/IP-based network (LAN) forms the connection between floors and building sections as well as connection to the overarching management system FIS#. FIS# enables the manufacturer-neutral integration of all technical systems over all rooms and floors of the building/property, the operation, monitoring and control of the systems, data management and message management, as well as the administration of calendars and timers.

Dynamic room management

HERMOS room automation Building automation 
HERMOS room automation Building automation

The FIS#dynamic room management module guarantees the greatest possible flexibility with respect to changes in use. Varying requirements in terms of room partitioning and use in office buildings, residential buildings, hotels and schools call for adaptability on the part of the room automation system. By dividing the usable area with a grid into very small units of space, any number of rooms can be constructed by adding, removing or shifting walls directly over the graphic surface of FIS#. Using drag and drop, the operating functions can simply be linked to the sensors and actuators within the room areas and defined. New configurations are immediately transferred to the automation stations in the system distributors so that the field devices are actuated in accordance with the new room structures. Room definitions using the grid in FIS# can be carried out at any time during building operations without encroaching on the programmes of the automation stations or the cabling of the field devices.

Customer benefits

With HERMOS’ room automation solutions the customer has a flexible and economically efficient solution for creating the best possible living and working conditions. Sophisticated operating concepts allow a high level of individuality and comfort in terms of room control. The flexible options of space utilisation allow speedy, affordable adaptation to changing usage conditions. Through the use of HERMOS room automation concepts, the energy needs in non-residential buildings can be reduced by up to 40 percent.


HERMOS demonstration building

Would you like to learn more about what we offer? As an international group involved in automation and information processing, we have created at our head office in Mistelgau a model office building into which technical building equipment and technical facility management have been integrated. Experience HERMOS solutions for yourself here:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Lighting/shade and lift technology
  • Access control system
  • Intrusion and fire alarm systems
  • Metering infrastructure
  • Seven different bus systems
  • Eight communications protocols
  • A total of approx. 9,000 data points integrated

Our aim is to demonstrate to customers and interested parties the possibilities that the integration of technical building services and continuous technical facility management offer today. The building is equipped with advanced technical equipment facilities, from heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, to lighting/shade and lift technology, to an access control system, intrusion and fire alarm systems as well as metering infrastructure. The automation solution demonstrates seven different bus systems and eight communications protocols. Altogether about 9,000 data points are involved. Technical management takes place through the FIS# building control system. Operation of the room automation is carried out via IP telephones at the work stations. Maintenance and administration processes for the technical systems are illustrated in the CAFM software pit-FM. The demonstration function of the building is used to teach the practical side of facility management during the training course offered by the Chamber of Trades for Upper Franconia.


HERMOS demonstration building switchgear 1 
HERMOS demonstration building switchgear 1

The visualization and control of the building automation is handled by FIS#graph. The operator navigates through the plant tree to the desired components. Operational notifications, faults and alarms are displayed in message list. High priority events are send by SMS to on-call mobile phone.

For optimization of the plant operation, several features are available to evaluate the collected information. These include value views, value archives, message histories with filter and export functions, graphical trends as well as summaries, details and load curves reports.

Pit-FM contains all documentations and maintenance cycles to the technical aggregates. Maintenance procedures are triggered though the operation hours recorded by FIS#. Also the information regarding the media consumption are transferred to pit-FM and then from there distributed to the defined rental unit.

HERMOS demonstration building switchgear 2 
HERMOS demonstration building switchgear 2
  • FIS# and pit-FM management systems on the central building services server
  • Automation of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology with two S7-300 controls
  • Communication with the HVAC area using LON and Profibus
  • Activation of ancillary functions (e.g. kitchen technology) by decentralised periphery
  • Control of room automation (lighting, shade, windows, ventilation) using a Beckhoff controller and industrial PC
  • Activation of room automation by DALI, EIB and LON
  • Operation of room automation by IP telephones at work stations
  • Connection of intrusion and fire alarm systems to FIS# through OPC
  • Connection of passenger lift through a proprietary interface
  • Meters and the Funky access/time registration system are based on LON
  • Recording of voltages, frequencies, currents, outputs, power factors and energies by the Janitza measuring device in the low-voltage main distribution board

The benefits

With the system-independent and manufacturer-neutral FIS# building control system, HERMOS is demonstrating a versatile approach to the integration of building equipment provided by different producers. The integration of building equipment is the basis for the centralised monitoring and control concept as well as the continuous illustration of the operating processes in facility management.

The open system structure allows for future technological innovations and upgrades to be seamlessly integrated into the system and the management concept. The Chamber of Trades values the model property as a modern method of practical teaching.


HERMOS – System Vendor for Building and Industrial Automation


The HERMOS Group of Companies

HERMOS is an international group of companies which operates in the fields of automation and information processing.
HERMOS’ core competencies are automation and integration solutions for machinery and plant in the fields of industry, facilities & buildings, energy, the environment, track & trace and switchgear, for which it develops and implements the best possible solutions. These solutions are based on HERMOS’ own software platform FIS# as well as RFID components developed in-house.

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